Looking after your clothing

Clothing is not cheap and many of us spend a huge amount a year on clothes. If you have children you will probably be aware how often you have to replace their clothing due to damage or them simply growing out of them. With this in mind, it is important to be able to try... Read More »

Choosing an engagement ring

Many people dream about the day they get engaged. Some people would like a lavish proposal where as others are happy with a low key special moment just with their partner. Choosing an engagement ring can be exciting, some couples chose a ring together, sometimes even after the engagement and other times the proposing partner... Read More »

Clothes for the larger lady or man

If you are classed as a plus size men or women then you may sometimes struggle to get clothes that you like in your size. Unfortunately, we seem to be of the opinion that anyone that is not within a certain size range will want to wear fashionable clothes, and obviously this is not the... Read More »

Quality clothing, what to look for

When buying clothes many people want to check that the garments that they are buying are good quality and made to last so it’s important to know what to look for to allow you to be able to quality check your clothes successfully. Most clothes when new look and feel great however poor quality goods... Read More »

Choosing a watch for a loved one

With Christmas fast approaching, jewellery and watch sales are set to increase drastically over the forth coming weeks. Many people chose to buy watches and/or jewellery for a loved one for Christmas but choosing the right one can be tricky. Everyone has their own tastes and what may be attractive to one person could look... Read More »