Choosing a watch for a loved one

With Christmas fast approaching, jewellery and watch sales are set to increase drastically over the forth coming weeks. Many people chose to buy watches and/or jewellery for a loved one for Christmas but choosing the right one can be tricky. Everyone has their own tastes and what may be attractive to one person could look... Read More »

Cost vs quality clothing

When it comes to buying clothing, often people are separated over whether to buy quality clothes that may cost more or cheaper clothes which are often lower quality. When choosing where to buy clothing from you need to consider what the clothing is going to be worn for and by whom. If for example you... Read More »

Caring for your jewellery

It may be that you have some expensive jewellery or that you have inexpensive jewellery but it has sentimental value to you, whatever jewellery you have, you will need to be able to look after it in order to preserve it and keep it looking shiny and new. Silver Jewellery will naturally tarnish over time.... Read More »

Palladium Rings

Ring shopping can make for a very expensive shopping trip. Rings vastly range in price, from a few pounds for costume jewellery upwards in to the hundreds of thousands of pounds for an all singing all dancing gold, diamond ring. If you are looking for engagement / wedding rings but do not really want to... Read More »

What to do with unwanted clothes?

Us Brits spend a fortune on clothes every year and many of us buy clothes that we never even get to wear. A recent survey showed that nearly a third of us own clothes that still have the tags on and have never been worn, hanging in our wardrobes. It may be that you decide... Read More »