Stopping the school uniform from fading

Many parents have recently had to fork out a small fortune on their child’s or children’s school uniform. On average it costs a parent in excess of £150 for shoes, trainers, PE kit and uniform and if you have three or four kids, this can very quickly add up. Many schools have a set colour... Read More »

Great bargains to be had at charity shops

If you’re looking for a new wardrobe but can’t afford to spend hundreds on a hand full of outfits then why not try and save a bundle by going to a charity shop. Unfortunately, there is still a bit of a stigma around charity shop shopping but it really can be a great place to... Read More »

Choosing your wedding jewellery

Weddings can be extremely expensive, with the average in the UK costing a massive twenty-four thousand pounds. When sorting out your budget for the wedding you may forget to factor in such things as wedding jewellery and accessories. Although this may only seem like a small item, these costs can quickly add up and may... Read More »

Creating customised jewellery

If you are trying to think of a present for a friend or family member then you may consider creating them some customised jewellery.  Unlike off the shelf jewellery, customisation can allow you to create pieces that you know the person will like and that has a special meaning to them. Often people will create... Read More »

Saving money on childrens clothing

Clothes shopping for your children can be a massive cost for many families. Children grow so fast that they often need new clothes every month or so, especially when they are younger. Once they start school you may find yourself having to buy uniform more than one or twice a year as not only do... Read More »