Palladium Rings

Ring shopping can make for a very expensive shopping trip. Rings vastly range in price, from a few pounds for costume jewellery upwards in to the hundreds of thousands of pounds for an all singing all dancing gold, diamond ring. If you are looking for engagement / wedding rings but do not really want to... Read More »

What to do with unwanted clothes?

Us Brits spend a fortune on clothes every year and many of us buy clothes that we never even get to wear. A recent survey showed that nearly a third of us own clothes that still have the tags on and have never been worn, hanging in our wardrobes. It may be that you decide... Read More »

Recycling old jewellery

If you are looking of ways to reuse your old jewellery then look no further. Many of us have a necklace that the chain has snapped or a few odd earrings that have been in our jewellery box for years. Often people just throw these in the bin when they are having a good sort... Read More »

Custom made jewellery

If you are looking for a unique, special gift to give a loved one then why not opt for a piece of custom made jewellery. There is something quite personal about designing a piece of jewellery, whether it be a ring, bracelet, set of earrings or necklace for someone. You can incorporate all the images... Read More »

Trying out new shops

For years I was convinced that there were only a select few shops that I really seemed to find outfits that not only fitted well but that I liked. Whenever I went shopping I would walk past a large number or retailers telling myself that I knew where I needed to shop and convinced that... Read More »