Buying second hand engagement rings

If you and your partner are thinking of getting married then you may have already looked at a number of potential engagement rings. Some people like to choose their own engagement rings and others are happy to let it be a surprise. Depending on what type of metal you opt for and whether you want any precious stones in it can drastically vary the price.
Buying a new ring will often cost you more than the equivalent second-hand ring. Rings often lose a lot of their value as soon as they are classed as used unless they are rare or antique. Some people do not like the idea of buying a second-hand engagement ring, especially as it usually means the engagement or marriage didn’t work out, but if you are not too concerned about that then you really can bag yourself a bargain. When buying second hand it is important to make sure that you know exactly what you are buying. If a ring is sold as a certain carat diamond, then you should either see proof of the original purchase or have it examined by an expert before completing on the sale. This can be hard if you are buying it off Ebay or Facebook for example. If this is the case I would strongly recommend only spending a small amount. If you are wanting to spend more on a second hand ring then you are better to buy from a reputable jeweller that deals in second hand jewellery.

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