Clothes for the larger lady or man

If you are classed as a plus size men or women then you may sometimes struggle to get clothes that you like in your size. Unfortunately, we seem to be of the opinion that anyone that is not within a certain size range will want to wear fashionable clothes, and obviously this is not the case.

Finding clothes can be a challenge at the best of times as many shoes size their clothes differently, so you may be a 12 in one shop and a 14 or 16 in another. This can make online shopping very hard and may mean that you have to spend hours trawling round the shops to get an item that fits like you want it too. Also different styles suit different people in terms of their skin tones, hair colour and body shape.

If you are finding that the size you are normally in seems to be coming up small, then there is no shame in moving up to another size if it feels more comfortable. Sometimes we ourselves struggle to try on something in a larger size as it can feel disheartening but surely how it fits and how you feel is more important than a number on a tag inside the clothing.



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