Do you have difficulty wearing earrings?

Women and men all over the world wear earrings, some keep the same pair in for months whilst others chop and change every day depending on what they are wearing and where they are going.

For some people, wearing earring can be quite painful and they find that they can only keep them in for a limited time before they start to hurt. There are many reasons for this but there are two in particular that you should consider before giving up the earrings altogether.

1) Weight of the earrings: It may sound silly but if the earrings you wear are too heavy they will pull down on your lobe and cause the piercing to become sore.

2) Allergies: Some people are allergic to some of the metals in earrings. Nickel is a very common one. Try buying a pair of Nickel free earrings and wearing them for a few days to see if they are any better.

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