Finding the perfect swimsuit

It’s that time of year again where we all try to get ‘beach-ready’ and start the hunt for the perfect swimwear for this season. But where do you start?! With so many different styles and designs all varying in price it can be a little bewildering.

First it’s important to take a look at what sort of figure you have, there’s no point in pressurising yourself to lose 3 stone before your holiday in a few weeks’ time as it’s simply not going to happen.

If you are conscious that you have a bit of a mummy-tummy or maybe you are more on the curvy side then you may prefer something like a tankini or a one piece that covers your tummy area, however there are some really great high-waisted bikinis in fashion at the moment that look great on curvy ladies too.

If you have more of a boyish figure that is straight up and straight down then a small bandeau style bikini can look great and ones with lots of detail and maybe frilled material can create the illusion of curves.

Whatever your figure you really can look great in swimwear it’s just a matter of find what’s right for you.

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