Great bargains to be had at charity shops

If you’re looking for a new wardrobe but can’t afford to spend hundreds on a hand full of outfits then why not try and save a bundle by going to a charity shop. Unfortunately, there is still a bit of a stigma around charity shop shopping but it really can be a great place to pick up a bargain.

With most charity shops only selling items that are in good condition, you will rarely pick up something that looks stained or ripped.

Go to your local town and browse the charity shops, you will often find some have better quality clothing than others, although you may have to pay a bit more, it is a fraction of the original selling price.

Even when shopping for dresses or suits for special occasions such as Prom or Weddings, many charity shops have a wide range of clothing in a number of sizes that may be just perfect.

Don’t be ashamed to shop in charity shops as if you get the outfit you want for less than ten pounds, then you should be proud and to know that the money has gone towards a good cause is even better.


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