Helping your clothes last years not weeks

We have all been there, that new t-shirt you bought has faded after only two washes or your favourite pair of jeans has developed a hole on the seam after only a few months. Many people say that the quality of usual clothing is in decline and that because so many companies are trying to make large quantities of clothing quickly and that they can sell cheap, this has been reflected in the quality.

You don’t have to be a massive clothes expert to ditch the low-quality clothing and opt for something that has been designed and made to last. Often people take little notice of the fabric an item of clothing has been made from but this can have a massive effect on how long it should last. Clothing that is made from plant extracts or animals such as Cotton or wool are often a better quality than ones made from polyester or acrylic meaning they will wash better and last longer.

Another way to look after your clothing is to turn down the heat on your washing machine and your tumble dryer and if possible avoid using your tumble dryer as much as you can. Similar to our hair, intense and prolonged heat can very quick damage it and this also happens with our clothes.



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