Interested in vintage clothing-visit a charity shop

There is a growing interest amongst some shoppers for genuine vintage clothing and some independent shops are specialising in selling new items that look vintage but also truly old items. If you want to buy vintage clothing the price that you will have to pay can be high but there are other ways of sourcing specific pieces for a lot less money.

Online auction sites and pre loved sites are a good place to look for vintage clothing items and bargains can be found, but a downside with purchasing in this way is that the item cannot be seen and tried on so there is always the danger that it will not be as described, be in poor condition or just does not fit resulting in disappointment and frustration.

A much better way to find vintage clothing is to pay a visit to local charity shops. Here you can pick up a bargain and enjoy hunting for a really special piece. Being able to try items on may be restricted at the moment but is usually not an issue. When you are searching for vintage clothes it is important to know the labels that show genuine vintage items especially if you are buying clothing to sell on.

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