Jewellery Cleaning Tips

Whilst there are a number of products specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning jewellery, these are often expensive. Thankfully there are a number of handy alternative options using simple household items that you already possess. Here, we run through just a couple of them.

Silver – Toothpaste: This one is particularly effective, and will remove all tarnish and restore a healthy shine without scratching or damaging your item. Toothpastes with bicarbonate of soda are the best as any abrasion is so mild it won’t leave scratches or marks, just a perfect polish. Simply rub toothpaste over the area you want to clean, wait a few moments, and then buff off with a clean cloth. For difficult-to-reach areas (such as hallmarks) you can even use a toothbrush!

Gold – Washing up liquid: Being much softer than silver, you’ll need a different solution for gold – but you’ll be pleased to know that the toothbrush is still a valuable tool. Go for the softest type of brush, as this will give the best finish without marks. Then simply soak your gold items in warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid for about 15 minutes, and buff away.

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