Looking after your clothing

Clothing is not cheap and many of us spend a huge amount a year on clothes. If you have children you will probably be aware how often you have to replace their clothing due to damage or them simply growing out of them.

With this in mind, it is important to be able to try and look after your clothing to make it last longer. Washing clothes can cause damage over time. This is often done by washing clothes at a higher temperature than needed, constantly tumble drying clothes or washing them with other items where the colours run. Always wash clothes at the lowest temperature possible to get them clean. Try and avoid using the tumble dryer all the time as this will damage clothes over time. You should always try and wash clothes of a similar colour together to avoid running but you could also invest in some colour catching sheets should you need to wash them together.

Always read the label on clothing which will explain how it needs to be washed. This will tell you the ideal temperature, whether it needs to be hand washed and if it is suitable for tumble drying. Following all the steps above will make your clothes last longer and therefore save you money.



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