Ordering clothing from catalogues

Years ago, it seemed that almost everyone used to have a catalogue delivered to their house in which they could order clothes. With most retailers now having websites where you can browse and order items of clothing, companies that send out catalogues is getting less and less.

If you do still have a catalogue through or decide to order online it is important that you understand the terms and conditions of the sale. Obviously you cannot try items on so there is often a higher percentage of people having to return items. Some people decide to order the item in two different sizes and then return the one that doesn’t fit. You need to see if there is a fee to return items such as a delivery charge. If there is, you may have to consider if you really want to order two or just order one.

Some catalogues and online stores allow you to having credit on your order. They will often entice you in with discounts off your first order. These types of finance packages are often quite high APR so be sure you can pay them off quickly to avoid interest.  

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