Returning clothing that has been bought online

With the online retail industry seeing a huge spike in sales, it is likely that many items of clothing will need to be returned. When buying online it is very important to read up on the returns process and any associated costs. If for example you buy one item from a retailer which costs £20 but you need to also pay delivery of £4, if the item doesn’t fit and you need to return it you may need to pay another £3-£4 postage which means it will have cost you eight or nine pounds for nothing. This can very quick add if you are not careful so it is important to think carefully before ordering.

Many retailers that also have physical shops will allow you to return the item to their store free of charge. Although this cannot happen at the moment, a lot of the retailers are extending their returns policy to allow items to be returned in store when they are open again.

Some retailers will offer free returns which is great, just be sure to check how long you have and allow enough time to return your item prior to the deadline.

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