School uniform – where’s best to buy?

Many parents are frantically trying to buy school uniform in readiness for the new year in September. School uniform often goes on sale from around July time but still many parents wait until a week or so before the schools go back to start shopping for it. Many parents don’t like buying school clothing and shoes too early as their child may have a growth spurt over the summer holiday and buying too early can mean it no longer fits.

There are a number of places that sell school uniform and with the majority of supermarkets stocking it you can pick it up when your doing your weekly food shop. If you are worried about the cost of uniform then it may be a good idea to spread the cost and buy a few items each week. Scholl shoes are probably the one item you do want to leave until last as going up a shoe size, will mean the shoes you bought at the start of the holiday are now useless and you may have missed the date that you could of returned them.  

If you are struggling to find the sizes you need in store then you may decide to order the items online, just be sure to allow enough time to reorder if they do not fit.

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