Upcycling old clothing

Clothing can be expensive, it often doesn’t last as long as you would like or if buying for children, you find that they have grown out of it before it has had much wear. You could of course donate it to a charity shop or try to sell it online, but you may want to think of ways you could upcycle your clothes to get more wear out of them.

Upcycling cannot only help you save money but it can also be a great hobby to get involved in. There are a number of ways in which you can change old clothing in to something new, below is a list of just a few of them:

Bleach – bleach can be used to change the colour of your items. Do ot expect a perfect white finish as bleach often leaves a yellowish colour behind but used on an old pair of jeans or a black top, can transform it in to a new fashion item.

Dyes – if you have ever bought a pair of black jeans or red tops you will know how easily they fade. You could use the bleach technique to change them in to something new or you could wash them in a dye to restore them to the colour they were when you first bought them.

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