What age should your child get their ears pierced?

Ear piercing is often one of those things that many children beg their parents to have for a number of years prior to them being allowed. Some parents are happy for their child to have their ears pierced any age, some even get it done from not long after birth. Other parents may have very different ideas on what age their child will be allowed to. Legally in England and Wales there is no age restriction on ear, nose or belly button piercing but in Scotland you need legal consent from a parent if you are under the age of 16. Although there is no lower age limit in England as long as the person agrees they want them done, many salons have their own rules, so for example, may not pierce the ears of a 10 year old that walks in without a parent.

It is important to consider when your child gets them pierced as they will have to keep their studs in for 6 weeks when first done. For school they may have to take them out or put tape over them which you don’t really want to be doing too much in those early weeks.

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