What to do with unwanted clothes?

Us Brits spend a fortune on clothes every year and many of us buy clothes that we never even get to wear. A recent survey showed that nearly a third of us own clothes that still have the tags on and have never been worn, hanging in our wardrobes.

It may be that you decide to have a massive clear out and have bags and bags of unwanted clothes. You have a number of options available to you as to what to do with the clothes.

  • Charity shop – many people donate clothes to charity shops to allow them to be resold. Some people are worried about donating expensive items to charity shops as they fear they may under-price them substantially.
  • Sell them yourself – if you have the time, you may try selling the clothes yourself on a site such as Ebay or Facebook
  • Clothes bin – often people will send the majority of clothing to a charity shop or sell it online, but then they are left with the damaged or stained clothing. This can be put in a clothing bin or some charities will take them in as rags.


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