Where to go for maternity clothes

When you find out that you are pregnant you tend to start filling your head with ideas of little neat baby-bumps that are dressed in all the latest fashions sported by the pregnant celebs of that season. However when you come to buy said perfect outfits you are faced with one rack of uber casual lounge wear (if you’re lucky) in your usual high street stores and not much else. You then turn to your current wardrobe and convince yourself that you’re sure some of it will still fit when you get a bump, after all how big can one person get??! The answer? Well let’s just presume that your current wardrobe is very unlikely to see you through the whole of your pregnancy.

So where do you turn? The internet.

Thankfully there are plenty of yummy-mummy types out there who have realised the problems pregnant women face in trying to find fashionable yet comfortable maternity wear and there is a wide range of options online to suit all occasions. So get online and order some fashion gems, but just ensure that the company you order from has a good returns policy just in case the items are not right once you get them home.

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