Which smart watch should you buy?

Smart watches have been around for a few years now but as prices drop and they become more affordable, more and more people are opting to buy one. If you are an avid Apple lover then it choice will probably be pretty simple but if you have an android phone, you may not know which smart watch to go for. Firstly you need to decide what the main reason for wanting one is. If you want to use it a lot for sports or fitness then you need to ideally find one that is water proof, comfortable and integrates with your phone via a decent app that will allow you to view and store the data. If you want one mostly for fashion purposes then you will want to check if you can change the straps, change the watch face and if it has a good number of apps that can be linked to it via your phone. If cost is an issue and you only want it for being able to notify you if you have a message or someone is ringing you or for a step counter then you can usually pick up a cheaper smart watch for around £20.

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