Eternity Rings

So he finally pops the question and produces a beautiful engagement ring that’s worn alone until the day you get married and get to wear an equally stunning wedding ring, but when do you get an eternity ring?

Some people get eternity rings after the first year of marriage however this can equal a costly couple of years considering the rings above, and a year hardy equals eternity! (Even if at times it feels like it!) Others use the ring as a gift for when your first child is born, affectionately known as a ‘pushing present’. The ring is supposed to symbolise everlasting love so is often given at a milestone anniversary, it dates back 4000 years to Egyptian times where the ring was used to symbolise eternal life and love. More recently the ring has been given as a gift to a loved one, sometimes prior to marriage as a promise of lifelong love.

Essentially the eternity ring symbolises love, so whenever it’s given its likely to be a very welcome gift indeed!

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