The world of online shopping

Over the last 18 months the world of online shopping has grown even more. When Covid hit and the UK was forced into lockdowns, many retailers were not able to trade in person and instead had to resort to online selling instead. IF they didn’t already have an online shop then they had to have one created. Even though they since may have been able to reopen, many have still continued to trade online.

The average online shopper spends £40 each month on clothes, shoes, beauty and accessories. Since the pandemic more people have said that they shop online for more items than previously and even use the internet more often for daily tasks such as checking the weather and the news

Is there still a need for high street stores? This is a question many people are starting to wonder. High street stores, at present are needed as there are still some people that would prefer to go and look at something or try it on before they buy but it is likely over time that less and less people will venture out to the shops unless the word of retail changes significantly. Lots of online stores offer next day delivery but if you need something urgently then you may need to go to a store to get it.