Getting your child’s ears pierced

When it comes to ear piercing, many adults have different views on when their child should be able to get them done. Some adults will even pierce their child’s ear right from a very young age, before they are one and other parents may wait until their child is at secondary school to have them done.

It has to be a personal choice but there are somethings to consider. The child will need to be able to clean their ears every day or have someone that will do it for them to prevent infection. If this is not possibly then they may get infected which can cause scarring and other issues.

When choosing the place to take your child to have their ears pierced, you should try and find somewhere that has been recommended to you or where you can read plenty of reviews and ideally see some images. Some places still pierce ears with a gun whereas others use a needle. There are still mixed reviews on which are best but often the needle is said to be safer although it may hurt a little more. You need to ensure that the jewellery that is being used when the ears are pierced is f a good quality as it won’t be able to be removed for 6 weeks.

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