Shops are now open once again but buying clothes is still not what it was

Lots of people used to see shopping as a bit of a treat. It can be referred to as retail therapy as some people find it gives them that feel good factor. Over the last 12 months shopping has become more essential rather than for enjoyment. There have been long periods of time when the shops have remained closed or only ones selling essential items have been allowed to open.

Although all shops are now able to open again, most are still not allowing you to try clothes on opening the fitting rooms. This can make your shopping trip a very different experiences soften you need to be able to try clothing on to check if it fits but also to see if the style suits you.

Retailers are giving their usual 14-30 days to return policy but this is not ideal if you are not planning on going back to the retailer during that time. Some shops will allow you to try clothes on but these are very few and far between and some shops are even changing their policies from day to day meaning you never quite know what to expect.

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