Buying ethical clothes on a budget

If you try to live your life as much as possible in an eco-friendly way you may not only want to buy and eat food that has been produce in an ethical manner but also buy clothing that has been produced in a responsible way and that in its production has not taken advantage of cheap labour or released damaging pollutants into the atmosphere.

Shopping ethically is often believed to be more expensive as the brands who promote themselves as being conscious of their carbon footprint generally sell their goods at a higher price so how can we shop ethically whilst still saving money?

A change in attitude towards the amount of clothing we buy is what is needed so that we buy less of the cheaper mass-produced clothing and buy fewer items of the responsibly made clothes even if they are more expensive initially. It is however encouraging to see that some of the larger supermarkets and department stores are listening to customers and are changing their wholesale buying policies to incorporate more eco friendly materials and assure customers of their concerns about factory workers rights and conditions.

A simple way to reduce the impact on the environment when buying clothes is to buy second hand. Buying from charity shops and preloved websites is an excellent way to do this and often amazing bargains can be found.

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