The importance of ring sizing

When choosing a ring it is important that it fits correctly. If the ring is too loose it may fall off and often when you don’t even realise too small and it can cut off the circulation to your finger which can have lasting effects. When your hands are warm they tend to swell up in size so you may find that a ring that is a little bit too tight all of a sudden becomes unwearable. The best time to try on a ring is when your hands are cool, so if you are out shopping, try it on before you start rather than at the end of a shopping trip. The ring should be comfortable but not too tight.

Some rings can be resized and this often depends on the metal they are made out of. Precious metals such as Gold, Silver and White Gold can often be resized but other metals such as Tungsten cannot so you will need to buy a ring that fits.

If the ring is for a special occasion such as an engagement, birthday or wedding then you may want to have a ring designed so it is personal to you. Many jewellers offer this service although you will often pay more for a bespoke ring than one off the shelf.

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