Ear piercing – Which method to choose?

Many children are pestering their parents to get their ears pierced. Some parents don’t have a problem with it and get it done when they are very young, others like to wait until the child is old enough to be able to look after the new piercings properly themselves – often around the age of 9 or 10. Historically ear piercings were all done with a piercing gun but more and more beauticians are offering the service using a needle. New research seems to suggest that a needle is much safer than a gun and here’s why. Piercing guns are usually made from plastic which cannot be sterilised properly. There are small parts in the gun, which if get contaminated with blood or bacteria, would be very hard if not impossible to remove with a sterilising wipe. Some argue that the gun doesn’t come in to contact with the customers ear, but the hands of the beautician do, who then touches the gun.  The gun forces a blunt stud through the skin, causing it to rip order to make room for the new stud. The back is then fitted tightly to the stud allowing no way for the new wound to breathe and heal properly. When turning your studs as they heal, as often directed, you may just be pushing bacteria from the outside further in to the wound and risk infection.

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