Reclaimed jewellery

Fashion jewellery is generally affordable pieces that follow the latest trends, the most recent trend for something a bit different is ‘up-cycled’ materials made into jewellery.

Many materials can be used for this and one of my favourites is silver cutlery, from rings out of the handles of teaspoons to bracelets from the pronged end of a fork, these pieces look so unique and really are beautiful.

Another favourite is the use of coins to make pendant necklaces and bracelets. Up-cycling is not expensive to do as most of the materials are things you’d have at home or could acquire for a low cost.

Most up-cycling is done on a DIY basis, for example using colourful cotton reels to make a chunky necklace or a mixture of buttons to make a bracelet.

It really is about getting inventive with the materials that you have and designing yourself an eye-catching piece of jewellery that really is one of a kind.

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