Have you ever considered jewellery making?

If you are after a new hobby to do at home then why not turn your hand to jewellery making. So many of us are finding ourselves stuck in our homes day in day out that it is important to try and find a hobby or something you can do to keep busy.

Jewellery making has been around for some time now and the beauty of it is that anyone can have ago, even young children. If you want to get your child in to jewellery making then Mellisa and Doug make some beautiful necklace making sets using wooden beads. These are very easy to tread and are suitable for children 4 and upwards.

If you are an adult wanting to make jewellery then places such as Hobbycraft and The Range will be the perfect place to pick up your supplies. As all none essential shops are currently closed you may be better ordering items online to be delivered to your home. A quick search online will tell you everything you need to get started and there are some fabulous books out there filled with ideas for you to try out. If you find that you really enjoy it you may even decide to turn it in to a career and start to sell some of the jewellery you have made.

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