Stopping the school uniform from fading

Many parents have recently had to fork out a small fortune on their child’s or children’s school uniform. On average it costs a parent in excess of £150 for shoes, trainers, PE kit and uniform and if you have three or four kids, this can very quickly add up.

Many schools have a set colour as their uniform and this can often be red, green. Blue or yellow. With all clothing, there is a potential for it to fade quickly and after only a few washes, start to look tatty. When washing new school uniform, especially bright coloured items, it is important to use a washing powder or liquid that is designed to protect colours. You should also check the label for washing instructions and always try and wash at the lowest temperature possible to remove the stains.

Most school uniform can be tumble dried, but again this intense and prolonged heat exposure can quickly fade colours away meaning you will have to fork out for new uniform a lot quicker than you hoped. Some people say that if you spend a little more on the uniform it will wash better, but research has shown this is not always the case.

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