Using a personal shopper in a department store

If you have a special occasion on the horizon and need to shop for a new outfit, consider using a personal shopper to save time and frustration. Many people do not realise that taking advantage of the offer of a personal shopper is a free service and does not come with any obligation to buy anything in store.

Firstly, the appointments can be booked online so it can be at a date and time to suit you. When the time arrives for your appointment you will be met by your personal shopper who will take you to a private changing room and will discuss with you any ideas you may already have about your outfit and your available budget. They will then go into the store and bring you a selection of outfits for you to try. It is helpful that should you need a different size your shopper will get this for you without you needing to worry.

Once you have decided on your outfit your personal shopper will help you to choose accessories such as shoes, handbag and jewellery if you wish, offering advice if required

So, if you have been reluctant to use this service in the past it is certainly worth giving it a go.

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